Themes of this look book are Urban & Asian
Ya I know what you must think right now. How far apart can you go in one single look book huh? Well… I just do what pops up in my head and secretly I’m wanting to promote my new shape that I released this week also. So I put together 2 different looks with the same shape.

Asian doesn’t always mean almond shaped eyes and the new Asian skin that I purchased this week proves this. Soooo lots of information in this look book 6. Hope you will read it till the end and even more, hope you’ll like it ^^.


Lookbook 6.1

This look is inspired on an Urban look at I’ve dreamed about doing in RL but didn’t have the guts to do so what better way to express yourself then SL right?

Right now the hairfair is going on so I’m quick to posting this look. I haven’t seen the hair in the actual store, only on the hair fair so if you like the shaved look. TP to the Adoness at the Hair Fair.


How to get this look:

Shape: Shape Sakura
Skin: Al Vulo – Vero Pink Bronze
Hair: Adoness – Xanthippe greyscale @ hair fair
Hairbase: MADesigns – Shaved Swirl

Eyes: The Sugar Garden – Sleepy Aquamarine
Lashes: Redgrave – Nr 31
Lipstick: Swallow – Lipstick Ventura 3
Lip cross: ADN – retro lolita cross chain


Top: Insanya – Voodoo Mesh Corset
Pants: Villena – Loose Raven Pants
Boots: Cheeky – Wedge Bootees Black Mesh


Look book 6.2

Not sure this look worked out exactly how I wanted but it’s the first time I’m trying to pull of an Asian look lol.

So the Sugar Garden released a new Asian looking skin this week. I love their eyes as well. They look so realistic and instantly make your avi’s face look prettier. Apart from that I choose to show some extra Drift clothing. I just so love this designer, she’s really friendly as well.


How to get this look:

Shape: Shapes by Shaz – Shape Sakura 
Skin: The Sugar Garden – Kotoko C tone Black Brow
Eyeliner: Glam Affair
Lashes: Redgrave nr 31
Eyes: Poetic – LL Star Mars
Lipstick: Swallow – Ventura 12
Hair: A & Y – Aeon Hair (IM the owner for this hair: Anabel Crystal)

Top: Drift – Hang over Tank Pastel with Ruffles
Shorts: Drift – Lazy Sunday special Preppy Plaid
Feet: Gaeline – Flat Barefoot
Flip flops: Gaeline – Roxy flipflops Rainbow