Hello Boys and Girls,

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In today’s look book I’m showing this super cute Swag Suit. Yesterday I finally got the LumiPro after I’ve been eyeballing it for at least 6 months. The constant wondering… is it worth paying almost L$7000,0 for or am I going to continue to fuss with Gimp. For those of us bloggers that want to bring that little extra…. ya gotta go score yourself the LumiPro…. really? YES! lol. Just read through the positive reviews on MP and you will see that even a very successful designer like Toxxic Rhiannyr is raving about this product.

Ok, nuf said. I hope you will see it in my pictures and since this is a first try out… it can only get better :-D.

What I can tell you about todays look is that I wish I could get away with an outfit like this in RL but when you enter your 30’s it’s looks kinda different than on a girl in her teens. The outfit is from Cynful and comes in 14 different colors. The Lola appliers are sold separately.

How to get this look: