Hello boys & girls,
First …. Thank you to all the boys that started following my blog the last 2 weeks. Second, I’m confused? I mean, don’t get me wrong. I’m super happy that you “guys” are following me but I’m wondering what spiked your male and masculine energy to click the follow button on my blog hahaha. 

So having said that. Here is my attempt to do a SL Fashion blog for the females. Ok, there is this animal in my blog that actually also can be worn by dudes but ehm… Well, I’m going to let you be the judge of that your self.

And then Collabor 88 and The Dressing Room Fusion started sending out notices that they’ve got new goodies. G O O D I E S  is my middle name or wish it was at least. So I have been a bad girl and got some of those goodies. The good thing is though, it’s all discounted!
L$ 88,- Detailed squirrel, comes in different variations and can be attached on different places as well.

L$ 88,- Hucci Tottori Boots in Toast color. Heel and tip are golden. 

How to get this look