Hello Boys & Girls,

Today I am giving you the newest release from Styles by Danielle, the Ayanna gown. 

As I share my blogs, I want to share an emotion as well. Second Life for me is being creative, experimenting with new gadgets to make the best pictures for my blog. Also Second Life to me is being Store/Blogging Manager and RL friend to Dani Plassitz and her label Styles by Danielle. In my spare time I breed horses. I don’t socialize that much in Second Life but….  along came someone special at a horse farm….

Her name is Liv. I’ve decided to name her in my blog because she is a new friend. A friend that I feel I already know for a long time. We see each other and we are wearing each others clothes saying ” oh you bought that one too”. It’s amazing how typing and a digital world can create connections. I’m very happy I’ve met Liv, she’s a very unique individual and I truly enjoy spending time with her. 

Ayanna gown comes in 5 different colors and with Lola Appliers:

– Blue (wearing)
– Red
– Green
– Cream
– Black (wearing)

The Ayanne Black has an extra option that the other gowns don’t have, for you to find out what šŸ˜‰

The Ayanna gown is 30% discounted for our group members so if you haven’t become a member yet, now is the time because in the long run it will save you some serious lindens.
The gown flows naturally ….. As if it’s dancing around your body…….
How to get the look