Hello Boys & Girls,

Green is considered to be the color of healing in our Aura’s. It’s the color of most herbs, connects to our heart and lungs and so much more…

Greens are logical, sequential, orderly thinkers. They can rearrange information in a variety of patterns within their minds. Green are very productive, creative and highly skilled at strategic planning. they are some of the most powerful and intelligent people of all the Aura Colors. Greens maintain high standards in their business and personal relationships. They fear of failure in both and often become self-critical and demanding. Spiritually begins as an idea to Greens. If they can give the idea sufficient time to research, study and understand, then they will be able to assimilate it.

And to the curious readers out there…. I’m not one of the Greens. I’m an Indigo one.

How to get this look