Dear Readers,

During the December month, most people reflect back on this year. They reflect on mistakes, successes and learning from them. 

In my RL circle, someone told me she didn’t want to put down a Christmas Tree this year because she was sad that she couldn’t have a loved one with her. I told her, no matter what you do this year, the tree must be put down. If you don’t decorate your house a little, get into the Christmas atmosphere and wait until the year is over, then you don’t have the sensation of closing one year and starting a new one. 

What I’m trying to tell here is the following. No matter how down you are, Christmas is a celebration that the end of the year is coming near. For some it’s a religious celebration as well. Getting closure on one year, helps us to make the transition into the next year better. 

In today’s blog I’m showing you one of my most favorite SL nails. The nails are made by Jamman and these are the Ultra Mesh Rigged Fingernails V5 for regular hands (not slink). 

The regular price on these nails is L$1499. During the promo period the nails are priced at L$999 so make sure to get yours.

In the picture above I’m just showing you a couple of examples but in reality there are more then 800 textures and 11 different nails shapes on the Jamman hud. 

The look

Information Jamman: