Dear Readers,

There’s a reason that leads to the way,
you’re only worth the price you pay,
no one needs you anyway.

So I follow the words that I’m told,
and I bargain my spirit and soul,
Through my heart, he tells me no,
but it seems the only way to go.

Untill judgement day, then you reap what you sow, they say,
but love is in need today, so please tech the children not to hate…

The inevitable can’t be stalled, I’m the daughter of the maker of all,
and this is the final call,
you could stand or you could crawl…

When the seas and the rivers run dray, when the last of Samaritans die,
He will look you deep inside and your soul can never lie….
In today’s blog I’m showing you the new release by !Soul, just before Christmas. Shannon Byron did a really great job on this dress. It comes in a variety of 8 exciting colors and the dress has a cocktail and gown version. I’ve combined this dress with Vanity hair and Jamman 9 inch fingernails.
In the picture above I’m showing you the Obscure color as a gown. 
In the picture above I’m showing you also the newest release from Zuri Rayna, the Tennis Set Diamond/14K Gold. A better picture will follow completely at the bottom of this blog post.
Below I’m showing you the Pink Satin as a cocktail dress version from !Soul. I’ve combined it with Tameless hair and Adoness nails.
Both dresses have the sexiest back and the dress gives us just the perfect amount of curves. 
These Virgin Queen Slink nail appliers by Adoness are so nicely drawn, I love the detail on them. Also in the picture below you can see a close up from Zuri Rayna’s Spell Bound Wedding Rings Bonded that I’m wearing as well as the pink version of her “Tennis Set”.
In the picture below I’ve tried to capture Zuri Rayna’s Tennis Set best. This set is now available at her main store in 6 different versions. It’s the perfect set if you love diamonds but would like to keep it a little subtle. This set looks very realistic, like all her jewelry. And as always, member of the Zuri Rayna Jewelry group get a 25% direct discount on single vendor items.
The Look