Dear Readers,

Today I’m giving you a dual blog that I did with my husband for FBD. Since it’s his first go at blogging, my babe goes first. I feel very fortunate that I can share everything with my husband, even Second Life. Connected together in every world. 

You wouldn’t think an outfit would make SL fun again? But thats what this fishbone (aka: herringbone pattern) suit has done for me.

I immediately felt like a newer better person, OK avatar.
The blazer comes in two configurations 1) blazer with dress shirt and tie (see picture above)
and 2) blazer with open collar (see picture below). 
Each configuration has its own hud to color the dress shirt, inside collar, and tie. 

How cool is that? No more searching thru your inventory for colored shirts, ties and such.

Everything about this suit is luxurious from the blazer proportions to how the pants drape around the included shoes. Because this suit is so versatile in offering different shirt and optional tie combinations it could easily become and male avatars “go to suit” or outfit and guess what, the shoes are included as well!

I expect to see a lot more men wearing the fishbone suit.
The Look

In today’s blog I’m showing you another Firebird Design, the silver velvet cocktail dress. We thought it would be fun to do a duo blog for FBD. When visiting the main store, have a look at the Gacha machine. It has some very funny items in it.

Also in today’s blog No.7 has released this very nice black lipstick. I was already in love with her red kissing lipstick and luckily she decided to make more. Her lipsticks have the perfect amount of shine to it. Can’t wait for other colors to be released 🙂 hint hint.

The texturing done on the dress looks very realistic. This is the type of dress that you can wear at any given occasion in SL, ok almost. Together with my husband I think we have created a look that would be perfect for a new years party. With the right accessories you can make it as fun and exciting as you want.

I’ve chosen to use Zuri Rayna’s tennis set bracelet and ear rings because they are subtle and my hair is pretty overpowering but love the style.

The Look