Dear Readers,

Sometimes in SL, when there is a quiet moment that you can just wonder around, looking for beautiful places, you stumble upon something like this. 

The sim that I visited was beautiful and so is the dress I was able to wear for this occasion. I remember the first time I walked into her store on my previous avatar. I thought, where am I going to get the money from to buy it all. She truly is one of the best designers in SL and I feel very lucky to be able to represent her work. Thank you so much Son!a.

This gown is called Yola Dress Candy and comes with all the jewelry you see me wearing. The collar of roses, the ear rings, the necklace, the sleeves… It’s all breath taking. The lace body and lace in the skirt are in perfect harmony with each other. What I initially didn’t expect from this gown was a mesh panel as front of the skirt. It’s perfect and makes the gown look more realistic instead of having multiple layers of fabric covering the pants layer.

“Feeling nothing but the soft breeze on my skin and hearing the sounds of the ocean, I sink deeper into my thoughts”.

In the picture above you can see that the material from the sleeves return in the top part of the skirt. The lace from the bodice returns in the lower parts of the skirt. In the next coming days I will give you more items from Son!a so I hope you enjoyed reading. I surely enjoyed making this blog šŸ™‚

The Look