Dear Readers,

Hopefully you made it in one piece into the New Year and hopefully without a headache from last 
night ;-). I’m starting the first blog of the year with Son!a and her Salia Dress Lime.

What I like in particular about this gown are the details in the belt. The necklace is crafted really interesting because from the front you see the necklace and the chains run below your arms to the back. This gown has got a mesh panel on the front to make the gown look more realistic by not showing the pants layer.
The chain on the back is finished with lace and a beautiful emerald on it. And what I forgot to mention in my previous blog for Son!a, is that her dresses come with Lola Appliers for the girls. The color of this gown, the lace and the overall elegance is superb. Another amazing gown from a very talented designer.
I’m wearing red nails and lips for this occasion. The Slink nail appliers are new by Zoz.
The hair for this occasion is by Underscore and is also new. And last but not least… I love to share. I share good bloggers with other designers and there luckily are a lot of blogger girls out there that aren’t afraid to do the same thing back. One of my sweet blogger friends has made me aware of this skin designer Mirror Enigma that has got some very detailed skins in her store. I immediately went to her store to get a couple of her skins. She has got great discounts till Jan 6th if I remember correct šŸ˜€
The Look