Dear Readers,

Everything you are, everything you’ll be,
touches the current of love, so deep in me. 
Every sigh in the night, every tear that you cry, seduces me.

All that I am, all that I’ll be,
means nothing at all, if you can’t be with me.
Your most innocent kiss or your sweetest caress, seduces me.

I don’t care about tomorrow, I’ve given up on yesterday,
here and now is all that matters, right here with you is where I’ll stay.

Everything in this world, every voice in the night,
every little thing of beauty, comes shining through your eyes,
and all that is you, becomes part of me too, cause all you do seduces me.

And if I should die tomorrow, I’d go down with a smile on my face.
I thank God I’ve ever know you, I fall down on my knees… 
For all the love we’ve made.

First I would like to thank Ydreece Forster from Mirror’s Enigma for making me one of her Bloggers. I feel honored being part of her team and that thanks to my dear friend Pur. If you haven’t been to Mirror’s Enigma yet, please go and have a look. You will be very pleasantly surprised like I was. Once you become a group member (after purchasing a product) you have instant access to multiple group gifts that are displayed at her main store. Wear your group tag to buy for a lower price and always choose the discounted paybox. Until January 6th you can still visit her store at Frost, click here for a direct tp to her store. She has a very unique skin out with special effect cosmetics like masque and war paints only available at Frost.

In today’s blog I’m wearing this Lace Gown with Stole by FBD. This gown is a mesh product, available in 5 sizes. The dress is 50% discounted for a very limited time with a purchasing price of L$ 80,- so this is the perfect add to anyone’s wardrobe, for every budget.

As you see in the picture above, FBD choose to give us a dress with 2 faces. An elegant front and a slightly naughty back. I love it! The tattoo that I’m wearing is my actual RL tattoo (same location) that a friend of mine brought to SL for me.
The slink nail appliers that I’ve used in today’s blog are by Adoness and the lipstick is No 7. The reason I keep returning to this red lipstick is because I haven’t seen another red lipstick that does it for me like this one does.
The jewelry that I’m wearing is by Stars and especially made for The Kollective. The theme of this event is Soft and Romantic and runs till January 26th. This jewelry set is a must have for us girls especially since it comes in such a soft tone. The booth of Stars is the second one on the left hands side. Thank you for sharing your friendship and your designs with me Star šŸ™‚
The Look