Dear Readers,

Without the sun there is no life. Peoples that live in a sunny climate, would die to see some snow and cold while the people living in colder climates would die to get some rays of sun all year round. 

What is it with always wanting to have what we can’t get and when we do, we want to go back to the old thing? One thing is for sure, having sunny days brightens our mood. Therefor in today’s blog I’m giving you the sun. Especially for those who are only seeing snow when they look outside of their window šŸ™‚
The outfit that I’ve chosen to wear today is a mixture of different things. The golden pants are by Son!a and have tremendous amount of detail on them. The top I got from Marketplace and is from JRC and the shoes that I’m wearing are by Gos. These shoes come with feet so they’re not Slink shoes.

In the picture above I’m trying to show you the detail of the corset and the pants that has 2 zippers attached to the front. Both items are mesh and available in 5 sizes. In my opinion this is a super feminine and sexy outfit for us girls.
The jewelry that I’m wearing today is by Styles by Danielle. It’s a set with a necklace, 2 bracelets and ear rings. This coco set is available in 3 different colors. In today’s look I’ve used the newest skin by Dulce Secrets. This skin comes in a variety of different options and tones. In my next blogs I will showcase her frost make ups as well. 
The Look