Dear Readers,

FBD has released this fun outfit called Spiked leather jacket outfit black at Feeb’s recently. The skirt and jacket are mesh items, in 5 sizes and fit like a glove. The alphas are done very well on this outfit so don’t forget your undies, unless of course…. ok, better not go there.
This outfit normally costs L$299 in store but at Feeb’s Rascals this month it will be on sale for L$149. The spiked blazer is what makes this outfit the most fun. The undershirt is very sexy and you would expect this to be a clothing layer but it’s a part of the blazer. This outfit is a super deal at Feeb’s but even at her main store location paying L$299 for a complete outfit is a great deal to me.
These shoes come with the outfit and a hud to change skin & nail color. I’m wearing a tan colored skin by Mirror’s Enigma called Kami and luckily didn’t have to use the hud but if you do, it’s an easy one. The shoes are of really good quality and the fact that the spikes return on the shoes, makes the outfit complete. 
The Look