Dear Readers,

In today’s blog I’m giving you the newest cosmetics by Dulce Secrets and decided to combine it with a gown by Mohna Lisa Couture called Anonymous Woman Blue Flame

The gown and gloves are a mesh product and the gown comes in 5 different sizes.

The eye shadows below are the Tahoe Sunsets Makeups. The sequence goes from left to right. I’ve decided to wear Dulce Secrets’s Tierre Bisque skin with these eye shadows. Until January 22nd Tahoe nr 1,2,3 & 4 are especially discounted for L$55 each. Normal price is L$75 each.

The eye liners below are the Stellar Eyeliners. Dulce Secrets has also released a set of 10 different eye colors called Alluring Eyes. Both these items are available as gacha items for L$25 per try at the JCNY Gacha Event.
Last but not least… The Frozen Cosmetics line has been completed with it’s last 9 cosmetics. These are available at the Dulce Secrets Main Store for L$75 each.
The Look