Dear Readers,

In today’s blog I’m showing you the newest release by NSP Florals, combined with a gown from Living Imagination called Song of Light.

NSP Florals had released this lovely bouquet with a dozen of long stem roses in the colors: Baby Blue, Baby Pink, Red, Umber, Plum, Sapphire, Black, Lavender, Cream, White, Dusty Rose and Sage. Enough colors to choose from and perfect for the upcoming Valentines Day.

The gown by Living Imagination that I purchased is a limited item at Salimar and priced at L250$ only. So for me that was a too good of a deal to pass on.
I don’t know how it happens but I always manage to blog Zuri Rayna and NSP Floral together, without doing it on purpose. It just happens to be the case that their items go really well together. I’m using Zuri Rayna’s Antique Pearls bridal set without the diadem for this blog.

The facegems that I’m wearing are a new release by Dulce Secrets that isn’t officially released yet but will be these next coming days. Dulce Secrets and yours truly are collaborating again in this months Kollective and  I couldn’t wait showing her new item. The gems come with eyeshadow in a range of 4 different colors but again… The official release on these awesome face make ups will follow soon šŸ™‚

The Look

Happy Shopping!