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In today’s blog I’m thrilled to show you the newest release by Dulce Secrets for February’s Kollective called Arctic Shiver Makeup w/Eye Gems. This release is something pretty unique. What the owner of Dulce Secrets has created, I’ve not seen around (yet).

In the picture below I’ve made a close up and enlarged the image to show you the details of the make up. This isn’t just eye shadow with drawn gems on it. These gems are objects that you attach. 
For this months Kollective, the owner of Dulce Secrets has made 4 unique variations of the Arctic Shiver Makeup w/Eye Gems. This make up comes in: grey, blue, mint and pink as shown below. I’ve made a compilation of her 4 make ups in the 3 variations you can use them. 

1. As eye shadow alone
2. As gems alone
3. As eye shadow & gems

Last thing I need to say about these Arctic Shiver Makeups is that they are really well made, that’s why I spend a good amount of time on blogging them this way. The owner of Dulce Secrets and myself are collaborating for the Kollective and I can tell you that the items we’ve come up with, get more exciting every month along the way. So stay tuned for the March items of The Kollective.

Also in today’s blog I would like to show you the newest release by Zoz. This is not an item for the Kollective but since it’s also an accessory, I’ve decided to bundle it in one blog with Dulce Secrets’s eye jewelry and make up.

Zoz has released a new pair of Slink nails with animal print in both silver and gold. In the pictures below I’ll show you the gold nails on the fingertips and silver on the toenails.
These nails are super fun and affordable and … very important.. they don’t look stretched on longer nails. 

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