Dear Readers,

Yesterday’s blog was all about Valentine’s Red. Today’s blog is all about Blustery Winter Blue. As a blogger for the Kollective I’m able to blog a lot of fun items from a range of different designers. 

In today’s blog I want to give my special thanks to two people amazing people. But first I would like to let you know that the beautiful gown that I’m wearing today is provided by Styles by Danielle called Christabel. The gown is available in red, emerald, black, silver, sky, sapphire (wearing) and sepia at her main store. She also has matching Christabel pumps to complete your look. 
The set in the picture above is by Stargem Winkler from Stars! Heaven is missing an angel and I’m telling you, Stargem is that angel. Stargem and Purry, her blogger for the Kollective are both good friends of mine. The set that I’m showing you above is called Shazney. You do the math šŸ˜‰ Thank you Star and Pur, I love you both dearly and you can keep secrets really well <3.
In the picture above I’m showing you one of Zuri Rayna’s most perfect wedding and engagement rings ever created. I didn’t want to decide between the levian engagement ring or the body and soul chocolate/strawberry diamonds wedding band so I am wearing them both. You can try a demo in store and believe me, you will be sold immediately. The nail polish in this picture is by Adoness.

The skin that I’m wearing in the picture below is Dulce Secrets latest release. This is a special edition of the Tierre skin. This skin is selling like crazy and I understand why. Tierre in Velvet Sugar skin tone comes with 9 makeup choices. The following Tierre skin are available for $55L until Feb 5th Fairy Dust, Golden, Paintbrush, Romance, Shade, and Starshine.