Dear Readers,

In today’s blog I’m giving you a new release by Morphine, Zuri Rayna Jewelry and Zoz.

This cute outfit is by Morphine and is called Heathers Dress. This is a special release for the With Love Fair that starts tomorrow Feb 7th. The dress is available in the colors: Black, Blue (wearing), Red, Rosena & White. This is a mesh product and this outfit can be worn as: dress & vest, vest alone, dress alone.
The hairpiece that I’m wearing today is by NSP Florals called Orchid and Ivy hairpiece Blue Mamba. This hairpiece is easy to combine in casual wear or in a more festive or formal look.

The jewelry below is by Zuri Rayna and is one of her newest releases. You must think by now…. How many new releases has she made lately? Well this is her last (for now) but she’s quick and she keeps her customers satisfied with her ever growing product offer. I’m wearing the dangle me beautiful elite version. 
The elite comes with 11 different stones. You can also purchase other colors like: green opal gold, blue opal, ruby pink, mayan gold, opal gold & diamond lush. 
The slink nail appliers of today are a gatcha item of Zoz at are available at the Gatcha Garden. The polish comes in a large variety of colors and is only LD27 a go. 
The Look
Happy Shopping ❤