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In today’s blog I am showing you the newest “group gift” release by Glam Dreams. Thank you Glam, for making me one of your bloggers!

In a perfect world everybody is nice to each other and the best things are (almost) for free. Today I’m living in this world because this Glam Dreams Group Gift is, as well as this amazing jewelry set by Zuri Rayna Jewelry. Zuri Rayna Jewelry is having a hunt on their sim and believe it or not but this amazing jewelry set is that hunt item. 
The gown is called Gold Zebra and this gown is non mesh. It comes with a belt that has 3 roses on it and another rose that is attached to the chest area. A very elegant en feminine gown and an even greater gift. Group enrollment fee is LD50,-.  Also good to know, Glam Dreams has 7 sales offers for this weekend that you don’t want to miss.
The jewelry set I’m wearing above and below is called Forever Onyx Sparkle Umber Opal Dark Gold set. The hunt contains 4 hearts. To get the complete set you need to find all 4 heart. Are you a groupie? Great! You only pay 1LD per heart. If your not a group member, still great because you only pay 10 LD per heart. This set is valued at 850 LD, which means a total savings of 810LD. Wear group tag please, when doing this hunt.
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