Dear Readers,

In today’s blog I’m wearing 2 great designers in SL. Sascha Designs has become a big part of my wardrobe and Zuri Rayna as well. Both great designers, amazing people and wonderful friends.

Sometimes I get inspired when I put something on and a story forms in my head. Today that story is on a yacht in Cannes. I’ve put on Sascha’s Ying Yang Black Mini and took a plane to Cannes.
Ying Yang is a mesh dress in 5 sizes and the hat is included as well. 

On the picture below I’m showing you the newest release by Zuri Rayna Jewelry, the From The Heart Ring Platinum/Diamond. Take a trip to the main store of Zuri Rayna, take a right turn and there you will find this beautiful ring in 15 different colors.

For a 25% discount, don’t forget to wear your group tag.
The Nails in the picture above are Zoz – Polish Silver Dip. Not her newest release but nails are timeless. 
The Look
Happy Shopping ❤