*From left to right: Blight, Encore, Gum, Neutral, Smokey & Thistle make up options. For all make ups I’ve chosen to wear the black brow.

Dear Readers,

In just a couple of days, Morphine Bodyshop & Apparel is releasing her newest 3rd wave skin called Beatrix. 

I’ve been given the medium skin to blog and I’ve been using Beatrix is my past 3 blogs to give you an idea of the awesomeness of this skin. Check it back here:

So far it’s going to be sold in the tones: Medium, Tan & Native. If there are any peach skin lovers out there, let me know! It’s open to discussion to make an extra skin tone if there is a sincere interest for it.

Beatrix skin is available in the following options:
– with brow
– without brow
– red brow
– brown brow
– black brow
– cleavage for red, brown & black brow
– no cleavage for red, brown & black brow

AND…. Phat Azz, Lush and Mirage appliers are included.