Dear Readers,

This blog is all about cosmetics. Dulce Secrets Cosmetics. She has released 3 new eye shadows recently that I’m showing you first. Below her 4 new releases I give you a couple of other suggestions that are also available at her main store. 

Dulce Secrets brings you quality make up for a very reasonable price. 

Then on the pictures below are previous releases by Dulce Secrets.
On the picture above the Stellar Eyeliners and on the picture below her Tahoe Sunsets Eye Shadows.
On the picture below her Frozen Make ups.

On the picture below her Artic Shiver Make up (item the Kollective February)
Last but definitely not least. Dulce Secrets Winter Rain make up on the picture below. This item is NOW available at the Kollective until the end of this month.
All cosmetics and skins in this blog are provided by Dulce Secrets. Click here for a TP directly to her main store. Click here for a TP directly to The Kollective.

Happy Shopping ❤