*The Skin Fair opens March 14th
Dear Readers,

In today’s blog I’m so excited to show you one of Dulce Secrets skins for the Skin Fair. When I put my look together I’ve noticed that Dulce skins go really well with Madrid Solo make up so I’m showing you that again today as well. 

The skin is called Briley and I’m wearing it in tone Rose Bare. This skin is the absolute bomb. It’s soft, it’s sexy, it’s flawless. It’s one of my favorite skins. The eyebrows are drawn perfectly. I could go on and on about it but it’s just best to say that Dulce Secrets owner has pulled one best seller of again.
The beautiful gown that I’m wearing today is by Fulo and called Animale. This mesh gown is available for 100LD at the Designer Showcase in 5 different colors. 

After the Designer Showcase this gown will be available in Fulo’s mainstore for regular pricing of 150LD.

The nails in the picture below are another item of Zoz who’s participating in the Gatcha Garden. The nails are available in 8 different colors and you pay 29LD per go.
The beautiful make up that I’m wearing today is from the same pack that I blogged yesterday for Madrid Solo but in golden colors. 
The Look
Happy Shopping ❤