Dear Readers,

Saying goodbye to Gimp felt hard 3 months ago, I was sure I was never going to get the hang of Photoshop. As of today I can say, I can do all my stuff in PS. Feels like I reached a milestone lol.

In my last blog of this week I’m showing you another outfit from Liv Glam, this one is called “Break Every Rule” and comes in different colors. The outfit is standard mesh and an item for the Super Sales Weekend.
This freshly made set of nail polishes by Zoz are called Spring 2014 Silver Polish. She’s also made them with golden tips in lovely shiny colors. Also on my left hands you see a partial ring. I’ve blogged this before. It’s Zuri Rayna’s Dove Ring. It will be shown in more detail in the next blog.
I’m also wearing more peony’s by NSP Florals today. I’m kinda prepping my readers for a soon to be released explosion of peony’s teehee… I can’t wait šŸ˜€
The Look