Dear Readers,

In this blog I’m showcasing one of Sascha’s newest designs called “Elya Apricot Suit”. I am a bit in a funny mood today so in this blog I’m also teasing a really sweet friend of mine who happens to like animals a lot. Een onderonsje whahaha.

Back to serious business. Sascha’s mesh items are always such fun to blog because elegant is a key ingredient that’s always present. This bodysuit comes in a variety of different colors and 2 options to wear, with and without glitters. 
The nails are the newest release by Zoz called “Skull Stripe Gold”. She made them in gold and silver and these are an RAFF exclusive. As always, I give you the LM to the event.

The lovely bangles that I’m wearing today are a new release by Zuri Rayna Jewelry. It comes with the Pyramid ring and I’m wearing the Elite version. The necklace and ear rings are also Zuri Rayna’s and called ” Sarah Tiki Collection”.
The Look
Happy Shopping ❤