Dear Readers,

I’ve got so much good stuff to share with you today that it’s almost overwhelming (in a good way of course).

First, let me start with Liv Glam. This super cute dress with Asian feel that I’m wearing today is called “Good Girls”. It comes with a texture changing hud with 9 options. Where can you find this dress? At Liv Glam’s Fashion Star.
Then now I have some very exciting make ups to show you. Dulce Secrets has recently released more cosmetics and that’s one of the things she likes doing most besides designing skins. Adding gems, flowers and even butterflies to her eye make up, it doesn’t get any better. In today’s blog I’m wearing her Papillion (butterfly) cosmetics and here’s the cool thing… The butterflies actually move on your eyes.  
The eye shadow that I’m wearing in the picture above is called “Cultured Eye Schadow” and also one of her new releases. In all the pictures of this blog I’m also wearing Dulce Secrets newest skin called Kendall in the tone Mahogany Turqoise (V). This skin can also be purchased at Fashion Star.

The skin below is called Kiarai and together with Kendall a new release. This skin has very interesting features, perfect for those who want to look different than the mainstream or for special modeling assignments. This skin can be found at Dulce Secrets main store and is an item for The Runway Perfect Hunt.
The nails that I’m wearing today couldn’t have been released at a better time. Zoz made these very cute nail polishes with butterflies on it called “Butterfly Spring Polish”.

The jewelry set that I’m wearing is by Zuri Rayna and called “Miss Metaverse 2013 Vintage Pearl Aqua Marine/Opal Set”. It contains a ring, a headpiece, ear rings, a choker and a bracelet.
Last but not least, to finish this look I’m wearing a peony in the color twilight by NSP Florals. I’m addicted to peony’s and that’s all because of NSP Florals :-D.
The Look

Happy Shopping ❤