Dear Readers,

Wandering around, hearing the birds sing their songs, the rustling of the leaves as the wind touches them lighty, yet it’s perfectly silent inside myself. At peace with the rays of the sunlight, enjoying my Sunday afternoon.

In today’s blog I’m showing you this cute put together outfit from Osito. The skirt and top are 2 separate items, both mesh and filled with cute little flowers.
Sometimes you get lucky and can pick almost every other day a new nail polish to wear. Wearing Zoz’s polish released especially at the Designer Circle called “Dark Spring Gold Polish”.
The skin that I’m wearing today is Morphines Group Gift skin called “Rowena”. I’m wearing it in the tone: tan.

The necklace that I’m wearing is a group gift by Styles by Danielle and partial mesh. Enrollment fee is 200L, once you’re a group member, you get 30% discount on new releases and group gifts are of good quality.
The look

Happy Shopping ❤