Dear Readers,

Every now and then, I receive postcards from Holland. Postcards that I hold dear to my heart. I touch the corners that are slightly damaged by the journey overseas, reading the words from my family and friends. It is a stabbing pain to feel them so close yet so far away. Not being able to feel one another, not spending a Christmas together for the past 2 years is a feeling of emptiness. 

So today I’m making my own postcards. I’m sharing them with you, my dear readers. I’m a proud Dutchie, living in Southern California and took a picture in the most Dutch way possible to me, with a Dutch street organ. 

  Happy Kingsday Dutchies 

The designers that I’ve chosen for this Dutch blog are Dutch designer Sascha Frangilli and not so Dutch designers Zuri Rayna Jewelry and Zoz. Some don’t know but Orange is the last name of the royal Dutch family. Therefor it’s the main color in my blog.
The Look
Happy Shopping ❤