Dear Readers,

What does it mean to get your cow on? Well… I don’t know really but when I was putting this outfit together, the song “get your freak on” by Missy Eliott kept playing through my head. I absolutely feel that I’m getting my cow on since I’m wearing it on my hands and feet and upper body.

The SLink nails that I’m wearing are by Zoz and called “wild silver polish”. The ring is by Zuri Rayna Jewelry, a mesh item that comes with a bangle as well. Both in separate colors as Elite versions available.

The SLink med shoes that I’m wearing are also by Zoz. For the longest time I was hoping she would venture into making SLink shoes and she’s done it. Takes a bow and thanks Zozzie :-D. These shoes comes in 4 different animal prints and the nails that I’m wearing match the shoes perfectly.

The skin that I’m wearing is one of the newer skins by Dulce Secrets. I haven’t worn this skin for a while and every time I put it on, I instantly know it’s a Dulce skin.