Dear Readers,

Everytime that I am able to blog a Dead Dollz design, I feel overly excited. Every single outfit the creator makes is amazing.

For today I’ve chosen to wear her Malice Powder outfit which is entirely mesh. It comes with a long skirt, a pastel pink top and a bow. This ultra feminine outfit is a must have for every fashionista’s wardrobe.

Zoz is a very productive person and so she is mentioned twice in this blog. Her newest set of SLink nails are called “Angel Polish” and I’m wearing them in the picture above. What probably also will grab your attention is that big sparkly I have on my finger. This is Zuri Rayna’s latest remastered release called “Aphrodite”.

Below another release by Zoz, her Angel Heels. These are made for SLink high feet and are available in 4 different colors for only L99 each. But give us more SLink heels Zoz.. It’s what the SL world needs 😉
Last but definitely not least… Another new release by Wow Skins. This amazing skin called “Sara” has been released yesterday and this is my personal favorite by Wow. The lips are perfectly shaped and you can choose to wear the skin with or without eyebrows. Perfect if you have your own set of brows you want to wear.
The Look
Happy Shopping ❤