Dear Readers,

Beauty, it’s everywhere around us. You will find it in the good deeds that people do for others, you find it in landscapes and you find it in items like fashion just to name a few.

In this blog I want to talk about all 3 of them.

1. Good deeds in the ones that have been so good to me. Zuri Rayna & Norena Soir, given me a place that I call home. Being amazing friends, always giving, always there. Not for me alone but for many. Two people very dear to my heart.

2. The home of Jewels Isle where Zuri Rayna and Norena Soir among others do business has been transformed in a beautiful sim filled with water, flowers and trees, beach setting and a big reception area where you can even celebrate your wedding day. 

3. The beautiful gown that I’m wearing. It has a feel of going back into times but also being worn at a exotic chiq Latin party. Snowpaws has released this beautiful gown called “Courtesan Long Gown” in the colors: Flamingo, Goldfinch and Peacock.
The Look

Happy Shopping ❤