Dear Readers,

Have you ever had a craving to eat something so bad and you can’t? I have one! I absolutely adore apples, I love apples in every way possible. Apple juice, apple pie, apple cake you name it. As soon as a fresh piece of apple hits my lips, my lips start to swell like something fierce. 

In today’s blog I’m showing you items by Liv Glam. It’s one of the first packages that I’ve opened and it was a straight hit. 

The pants and shirt are called “back for good” and come with a color changing hud. The shoes that I’m wearing are for SLink High feet and called Black Roses. Both items are from the K Collection line posted for the Secret Wednesday Sale.

I’ve accessorized with bangles by Maxi Gossamer, nails by Zoz and make up by Madrid Solo.

The Look

Happy Shopping ❤