Dear Readers,

Today I want to share a thought about names. You get one at birth, you create different ones of them online and then you get nick named by friends, colleagues etc. 

I started out on this avatar just being Shaz. That changed into Shazza since someone was calling me that, then I had to change it to Shazzy since my employer kept calling me by that name in private and in public (for which I thank her because that’s the name I feel most comfortable with these days). But I’ve also been called Shazzatron, ShazleMcDazzle etc. It makes you wonder how people come up with these names. If you have funny nicknames to share, feel free to leave them in the comments part of my blog.

Ok back to business. In this blog I’m wearing the newest release by Amarelo Manga called “Branca” in the color pink. This gown is fully mesh and I love the colar on this dress which looks like a necklace.

The Look
Happy Shopping ❤