Dear Readers,

Not often passes a day where I haven’t blogged for 24 hours but today is one of them. So in today’s blog I’m showing you hats, very different from each other but each unique. It so happens that the “Art in Hats 2014” event has also started since yesterday but I’m also showing you a couple of really nice hats that are available at the Fashion for Life Event which will run only 5 more days.
The hats in the picture above are by Xen’s Hats and all of them have their own unique fruity flavor. From left to right: Mango, Grapefruit, Kiwi, Banana & Lemon. These hats are mesh and you can find them at Fashion for Life.

The hat on the picture below is by AD Creations and you can find this at the Art in Hats event which will run from June 14th till July 31st. To be able to show a complete look with this hat, I’ve chosen to wear a group gift by Dead Dollz which is the lingerie and the jewelry is by Zuri Rayna.

The Look
Happy Shopping ❤