Dear Readers,

Can you trust me or can you not? Am I oblivious to where I am and what my role is? One thing is for sure. I’m the lady that wears the butterflies, nothing is what it seems when the annual games begin. 

The Hunger Games “the fashion revolution” begins at August 1st. Stay tuned:

I’m showing you a piece by Ghee and it’s called Effie as in Effie Trinket. This is a beautiful mesh piece with butterflies attachments on the chest and hat. The back part of the skirt is flexi and this piece comes with shoes for SLink high feet.(I have included the landmark of Ghee’s main store since a landmark to The Hunger Games is not available yet).
And as usual, the slurls to all other items I’m wearing can be found below.
The Look
Happy Shopping ❤