Dear Readers,

Without realizing, a year has passed that I’ve been blogging. I want to thank everybody that follows my blog for the continues support and for the new people having a look here. A blogger is nothing without her followers so if you happen to stop by, please hit the follow me button.

In this blog I’m showing you a new release by Sascha Designs called Noa nr.1.

This dress is fully mesh and comes with a 6 color changing hud. It’s such a fun and breezy dress with happy color patterns. Perfect for that summer afternoon picnic with your friends.

I’ve decided to wear this dress with a bold jewelry set. I’ve come into contact with the creator of Jumo Fashion after an event a while back and she’s made a couple of very nice jewelry sets. I’ve blogged more of her items so if you’re curious about the other sets? Visit her main store or simply hit Jumo Fashion on the left side of my blog where I have my labels shown. It will show you all previous posts.

And as usual, the slurls to all other items I’m wearing can be found below.
*Please note that I always give the SLURLS to the location where you can buy the items. This doesn’t always have to be a main store and more often is event related.
The Look

Happy Shopping ❤