Dear Readers,

My whole life I’ve lived in big cities and the truth is, I would love to live further away from everything, on the top of a hill in a nice little cottage. Maybe one day I will?

In this blog I’m showing you a new creation by Lyrical Bizarre and the bad news is, it’s a limited item. Where can you find it? At the Couturier Docks. The good news is, Lyrical Bizarre releases new items very often and in very different flavors. 

So this piece that I’m wearing is mesh and called “Inspire”.

And as usual, the slurls to all other items I’m wearing can be found below.
*Please note that I always give the SLURLS to the location where you can buy the items. This doesn’t always have to be a main store and more often is event related.
The Look

Happy Shopping ❤