Dear Readers,

Visiting new cities is exciting but in the beginning above all stressy. You don’t know your way around and you are in constant need of directions. Parking your car at places where it’s not permitted to find your way, it’s a pain. But in this case I get to wear an outfit that I’ve been wanting to blog for a while.

An outfit like this totally resonates with me. It’s by Liv Glam and it is available at The Month of Games until tomorrow the 31st or after that presumably at Liv Glam’s main store.

This mesh outfit is called Anastacia Markova and named after the owner of Opium Evolution (for those who didn’t know that yet). This outfit is sexy in it’s own way. I would love to wear something like this in RL.

And as usual, the slurls to all other items I’m wearing can be found below.
*Please note that I always give the SLURLS to the location where you can buy the items. This doesn’t always have to be a main store and more often is event related.

The Look

Happy Shopping ❤