Hello Everyone,

In today’s blog I’m showing you previews from 2 awesome events that will start between now and 2 weeks.

I’m starting with the dress. This is a piece by Lyrical Bizarre and it’s called gossip. The skirt of the dress is build up from several mesh attachments to make the flow of the skirt look perfect. You can find this piece at the 24 squared event which starts on September 5th.

The jewelry and shoes that I’m wearing are by Jumo Fashion and did she make a lot of items for Penumbra! The shoes are called Riyadh Gold Heels and are for SLink high feet. These shoes come in black, silver, pearl, white, red and gold. The jewelry set that I’m wearing is also by Jumo and called checkers jewelry set in white diamonds. The set contains a necklace, ear rings, ring and 2 bracelets. Another lovely bold signature jewelry set. Penumbra Fashion Event starts September 13th and runs till the 22nd.

Last but not least I would like to mention enVOGUE. The hair that I’m wearing is her newest release and it’s called Sophie. This hair comes in regular and fitted mesh. Another amazing hair made by this designer.

And as usual, the slurls to all other items I’m wearing can be found below.
 *Please note that I always give the SLURLS to the location where you can buy the items. This doesn’t always have to be a main store and more often is event related.

The Look

*Jewelry: Jumo Fashion – Checkers (no LM available yet)
*SLink High Shoes: Jumo Fashion – Riyadh Gold (no LM available yet)

Happy Shopping ❤