Dear Readers,

In this Penumbra blog I’m showing you the 2 remaining items by Dead Dollz “Heisenberg Collection”.

And if you think the fun is almost over? Visit this link to see the schedule for this weekend.

I have to say, I find the name Heisenberg Collection just brilliant. Makes you wonder what her next line will be named after.

The gown that I’m wearing in the these pictures is called “Full Measures”.
The Look

This super feminine cocktail dress is called “To’Hajiilee”. To’Hajiilee is an Indian Reserve where the climax of Breaking Bad takes place.

The cocktail dress comes with a hud so that you can change the intensity of the top from lighter to dark.

In these last pictures I’m also wearing another 2 items by Jumo Fashion. The jewelry and shoes can both be found at Penumbra as well.
The Look

Happy Shopping ❤