Dear Readers,

In today’s blog I’m doing an Ever An’ Angel special.

There are always people that haven’t heard of a store (yet) so just in case, I’m doing a small intro. 

Ever An’ Angel is a designer duo that are specialized in very unique color combinations. They stand out with their clothing and fit best to the ladies that are looking for tasteful everyday clothing and beautiful evening wear.

The piece that I’m wearing today is actually the piece that I modeled on the vendor pictures so if you decide to buy, you will recognize the pixels ;-). This piece is called “Day into Night” and I’m wearing the Claret color. Little details like the buttons on the front and back of the skirt finish this piece in perfect harmony.

And as always, all URL’s to the items I’m wearing can be found below. Some are main store URL’s, some might be event related.
The Look

Happy Shopping ❤