In this blog I’m wearing my play outfit. About to hit the town with a new skin and an amazing full outfit! What more does a girl want?#482_001

Dear Readers,

Yesterday I’ve received an invitation to blog from the owner of Deesses skins and I grabbed it with both hands.

Deesses Skins are unique on the grid and being able to represent their work is so much fun! So in my first Deesses blog I’m wearing one of their latest releases called “Zivaah” and comes in 8 different tones.

So the outfit that I’m wearing is from head to toe by Jumo Fashion. This one of a kind piece is called “Tribeca” and it comes in a variety of different colors. The shoes are for slink high feet.


The Look

*Skin: Deesses – Zivaah Flat White
Hair: RA – Shelley
Eyeliner: Zibska – Swoo Seagreen
Lips: Swallow: 8 Anja B
*Outfit incl shoes and jewelry: Jumo Fashion – Tribeca Teal

Happy Shopping ❤