Dear Readers,

Every phase you go through in life is different. I was doubting for a bit if I should write about this or not because it’s a personal thought but my blog wouldn’t be mine if I didn’t every now and then.

As my grandmother has reached the end of her life, my hairdresser told me today she was pregnant. I was so excited for her, a new phase in her life has arrived and she’s ready for it. My grandmother is also ready for her next phase but I guess it’s me that doesn’t want to accept it yet.

Beginnings and endings … it’s who we are.


*Gown: Lyrical Bizarre – Canna

Other items

Hair: Boon – Cornrows + UDE609 hair
Make up: Madrid Solo – Melancholy
Jewelry: Cae – Burst
*Shoes: LaVian&Co – Leticia 

Happy Shopping ❤