Dear Readers,

In this blog I’m showing you a new release by Ghee that was especially made for Join hands for Nepal.

 The gown and matching shoes have been made in the colors of the flag of Nepal and 100% of the proceeds go to the Join Hands for Nepal event. For a close up of the shoes, click here.

I’m also wearing a new release by Zuri Jewelry. For a long time people have been waiting for an Elite version of the Antique Pearl and Zuri has delivered. You can buy 3 separate Elite versions of this set so make sure to check the vendor boards which are your 10 colors of preference. The set comes with a headpiece, necklace, ear rings and bracelet. I’m not wearing the necklace because it clashes with this gown.



*Hair: enVOGUE – Emily
Make up: Deesses 
*Jewelry: Zuri Jewelry – Antique Pearl Version 2
*Gown: Ghee – Nepali Ophelia
*Shoes: Ghee – Nepali Heels

Happy Shopping ❤