Dear Readers,

It seems that the past week has been a lot about regaining energy, getting back to what makes me happy and so on. So should I label this as soul searching week? I guess I’m a bit restless since a lot of stuff is about to happen the next 6 months (think International move).

Yesterday I’ve shared a link on FB about “things you don’t owe anyone“. I got it from a friend of mine who is a great inspiration to me and I’ve decided to post it on my FB wall. I didn’t realize, which is kind of odd actually while thinking of it, how many people were feeling those words. It’s a relief that I’m not the only one that needs to work on the thought that you don’t constantly need to explain yourself, just to please someone else’s need for it.

So with that said, getting on to the order of the day. A beautiful fully packed new gown by Jumo. As if it isn’t amazing enough that she included jewelry and shoes in her packages, in the last couple of packages I’ve seen she’s offering both cuffs as bracelets. The gown is called New York and I’m wearing it in plum with the bracelets. It’s also available in Black, Sky, Red & Lime.

In upcoming blogs more Finesmith and Dead Dollz on it’s way…



Hair: Epoque – Scandal
Eyeshadow: Slackgirl – Lea 
*Gown incl all accessories: Jumo – New York Plum

Happy Shopping ❤