Dear Readers,

Finally! Same genders can marry each other according to Federal Law. How unfair has it been all this time to not allow people who are in love to make that commitment through marriage.  We are happy that America finally decided that enough was enough and that we need to move along with what the rest of the world is doing. Now, if they would get rid of things that you can easily kill other people with, I’d say something like guns, that would be awesome. But baby steps is better than no steps at all.

Let’s celebrate love!

So in today’s blog I’m wearing something interesting. A friend of mine told me she was in love with Machoire’s stuff and I can’t blame her. Each time he offers a new item to his bloggers, you never know what to expect. This medusa type of dress comes in a variety of different colors and the snakes at the top of the gown have a little bit of movement to them. The gown itself is fitted mesh.



Hair: Zibska – Calisto
*Eyeshadow: Jumo – Fuzz Matt Brown
Lips: Lumae – Glossed Pout Toffee
*Gown: Machoire – Venom Gold

Happy Shopping ❤