Dear Readers,

It’s bikini/bathing suit time! Even though we are running towards July, the hot hot weather here hasn’t started yet. I’m modeling 2 bikini’s/bathing suits the next coming days. In this blog one by Ever ‘An Angel and in an upcoming blog one by Ghee.

Ever ‘An Angel released the Glisten bathingsuit in 12 different color combinations of which 3 you can find at Sneak Peek. After Sneak Peek, they will be released in the main store of Ever ‘An Angel as well.

The bikini also comes with a beach pants as shown below.



Hair: Entwined – Olivia
*Make up: Ever ‘An Angel – Horizons Bali
*Bathing suit incl pants: Ever ‘An Angel – Glisten Hydrangea
Bracelet: Kunglers – Deorum
Heels: LaVian&Co – Charlotte Pumps

Happy Shopping ❤