Dear Readers,

This morning I woke up and was looking forward to writing up this blog.

It’s warm and sunny, approximately 81 degrees . Our neighbors have stopped arguing and it’s quiet besides the sounds of the birds. So with that vibe going on, I’ve decided to add some extra flair to this day by going through my old mp3’s and there I found Bob. Bob (Marley) always makes me feel happy. And so I drift of to the Caribbean, laying under a palm tree on a sunbed while sipping on a cocktail. Yeah Shaz, wishful thinking.

Ok so with that said, let’s talk the important stuff right now. Ghee is participating at FAD Event and they have so many cute pastel colored pieces, you have to go see for yourself. The outfit I’m wearing today is just part of what they have out for sale. To see a close up of the shoes, click here.  

Ghee has redone her store and it’s surroundings. The pictures below has been shot at Ghee.



Hair: Vanity – Lunatica
Necklace & Earrings: MG – Athena’s Collection
*Bracelet: Zuri Jewelry – Pyramid Brushed Metals Elite 
*Body suit: Ghee – Hyacinth Strapless Body Suit
*Skirt: Ghee – Wisteria Flounce Skirt
*Slink Shoes: Ghee – Ankle Fringe Heels Wisteria
*Slink Polish: Ghee – Sundae Season Nails

Happy Shopping ❤