Dear Readers,

Lately, I’ve tried to funk up my blogs a bit more by showing more of me, my thought and opinions, when I’m in the mood to write that is. I don’t know if it’s being appreciated really but a blog with just some text about the products I’m featuring seemed a bit dull at times.

Now, having an opinion about things can bite you too. I’ve seen an article by a blogger the other day in which she offers her opinion about a touchy subject. The subject was that designers should give bloggers a little bit more slack. I admired her courage but I wouldn’t have touched on that subject. Still it’s good that people feel the freedom to say on their blogs what they like. I keep my opinions fluffy and hopefully conflict free. I learned from my mistakes in the past but am surely not perfect.

So with that said. In todays blog I’m showing so many nice items.

The dress called Clementine that I’m wearing is a new release by Dead Dollz that you can find exclusively at Mesh Avenue till July 31st. It’s available in 6 different colors.

The hair I’m wearing is my first by this creator. You can find it at the Wayward Carnival till July 30th. The jewelry is also new and by Jumo, it’s available in a variety of different color options and comes with ear rings, bracelets, cuffs, rings for both hands, necklace and head piece.

Last but not least. The artwork that I’m carrying on my feet (click here for a close up) are the newest release by Machoire. I love his work! The more “out there” his creations, the better. These shoes come in a variety of different colors and I can’t wait to see what’s next.


Hair: Mithral – Nirnroot
*Jewelry: Jumo – Gisele Fire Opal
Lips: Izzie – Qopi Matt Lipstick rust
*Dress: Dead Dollz – Clementine Aqua
*Slink Shoes: Machoire – Colde Heels Teal

Happy Shopping ❤