Dear Readers,

A friend of mine and myself were having a conversation the other day and she was talking about something that had to do with ruffling some feathers. As a foreigner, it can sometimes be funny to hear sayings like that and then translate them back to my own language. The saying “Ruffle some feathers” in my language would be “removing someone’s blood from under their nails”.

With that said, in today’s blog I’m showing another masterpiece by Azul. This gown was made for the beautiful Rehana Seljan, Miss SL Vietnam. You have many different color options to choose from and you can find this gown at Azul’s Main Store.



Hair: Fiore | Merina
*Eye Shadow : Deche | Zoe Green
*Jewelry : Zuri Jewelry | Miss Metaverse Vintage Peridot
*Gown: AZUL | Ohana Peridot

Happy Shopping ❤